It's Sunday morning. You've had a terrible week. Today you've already lost your temper and yelled at your spouse, your children, your cat, and the other drivers on the road. Somebody else's child is screaming on the other side of the church. You really don't like the person sitting in front of you. The worship team starts to play (too loud as usual) and it's your least favourite song in the world.

Now you have a choice to make. Will you worship? You have many options. You can leave the room, you can sit and sulk, you can focus on all the things that are upsetting you, you can be angry because they are distracting you from worship . . .

. . . OR you can focus on the One who deserves your worship.

The Lord says,
Will you worship
Will you bow down
Before your Lord and King?
Will you love me
Will you give me your heart
Your everything?

Right here and now
Make the choice . . .

Making the choice is where it all begins. Will you worship?