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A. Leadership Unity
1. Primary Leader in line with Church Authority in areas of expectations, resource allocation, regulations, doctrine, culture
2. Primary Leader determines plan for team criteria & development and approves plan with Church Authority

B. Church Unity

1. Church Authority publicly places authority on Primary Leader
2. Congregation affirms selection
3. Primary Leader begins search & identify possible Leadership Team of potential Team and Section Leaders according to approved criteria


A. Team Gathering Event/Retreat
1. Primary Leader imparts fundamental information including expectations, goals/vision, regulations, initial concepts for later development, role definition
2. Team begins working on relational building with one another and leader
3. Team takes ownership by exploring what unique gifts they bring and how they can complement the rest of the team

B. Congregational Event
1. Church Authority and Primary Leader publicly place authority on Leadership Team
2. Congregation affirms selection


A. Relational Events
1. Through structured all-group gatherings, Leadership Team builds unity through prayer together, ministering to one another through foundational gifts, sharing, laughing, humanity
2. Through smaller gatherings Primary Leader builds relationship with individuals and couples

B. Equipping Events
1. Individual practice & training, structured or unstructured as needed
2. Group practice, training & review
3. Smaller gatherings with Primary Leader for evaluation, review and direction as needed

C. Congregational Events
1. Leadership Team functions for Congregation in practical demonstration/application
2. Congregation, Church Authority & Primary Leader supports and approves Leadership Team


A. Individual Reproduction
1. LT members individual repeat this entire process at their level with their recruits
2. Final evaluation of Leadership Team members by CA & PL
3. Congregational Recognition of accomplishment & completion of this process
4. Primary Leader meets with LT member groups or individuals as needed

B. Church Authority Review
1. Process reviewed and adjusted as necessary
2. Primary Leader receives affirmation & correction


Reproduced from Let Every Voice School of Worship